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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Old Stuff Day 2013

Another one of these ideas that bloggers pinch from each other

This is where I saw it and here is a copy and paste of a copy and paste


Apparently today is Old Stuff Day - no I hadn't heard of it either, but it is a wonderful idea so I thought I'd join in and encourage all my fellow bloggers as well.

So what is Old Stuff Day? Well I'll let Warhammer 39,999 answer that as it was his proposal:

"On this day, each blogger can go through their history and find posts that they’d like to shake the dust off and present again to the community at large. Some suggestions for content that would be good to post:

* Posts that you considered special that didn’t receive as much attention as you thought they deserved

* Content that people liked in the past, but haven’t seen recently * Posts you might have created before your site received much traffic, and now
The posts I have chosen are
I am not that a good a photographer but these came out really well and remind me of a great day out with my wife Angela
This one did not get much attention at the time - there are no photos as I was having problems with the camera at the time, but they were two great games
This is one to follow up on - I hit my target of 52 library books borrowed and read last year and have made the samepledge this year.
So what are your favorite old posts?

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