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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Best game of Dux Bellorum yet!

It is quite a while since I have had a game down at the club with John who has been very FOG centric for a while.  He fancied playing something different last week so we had a straight 32 point game using 60mm base widths  on a 4x4 table.  It was a reasonable game and we said we would have another go soon.

Unexpected circumstances resulted in a last minute change of plan on Monday and we had another go, using the same armies.  Mid era Welsh warrior on my side (including monks and a stampede) against mid era Saxon warrior.

We decided to go for a scenario and agreed on 'End of Reign' .  This was an excellent choice as it made us think about our deployment and involved a lot more jockeying for position.

John was much more aggressive with his generals element - I wimpily kept mine out of harms way all game as in this scenario LPs cannot be used defensively in melee by the companions.  Despite John winning most of the combats I managed to come out on top with a last minute suicide charge by my javelin armed mounted skirmishers with 3 attached aggressive LPs.

Definitely my best game of Dux Bellorum so far.

One rules query I need to follow up on.  I kept my cows to the rear, relying on the fact they move as if foot skirmishers and foot skirmishers can interpenetrate any friends.  John thought it seemed a little strange that I could charge my stampede through my warriors (or even with another army shieldwall) and I agreed  so ended up not doing it. 

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