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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

24 wargamers go to York

Alarm clock set to 4:00, to the train station to pick up the coach at 5:00 and off we went.  Including one independent traveller and 3 club members on a trade stand that made 28 from the Falkirk club, about 75% of our membership, which was a good turnout.

We arrived in time to pick up the free figures - I quite liked the call 24 figures over here! - and we then hit the show.

My plan was to play games rather than spend money and I managed 3,  The York club put on a visually appealing and well set up 28mm Pegasus Bridge game which I enjoyed.  Later ona I spotted a naval participation game being put on by Mongoose using the Victory at Sea rules, in which I took the part of the British Navy.  Finally I took the part of Jack the Ripper in an Empire of the dead demo game.

I was unable to fully resist purchases with the fleamarket offering up some tempting delights.  My purchases include a couple of carts, both nicely painted, some saxon infantry and 35  Chaos Warriors.  I put in a cheeky offer for a very scruffy 25mm Late Roman Army and on reflection was quite glad that it was not taken up.

The only thing that I was nearly bought from the trade stands was the air war rules Check Your 6.  I will probably pick these up at Carronade.

The journey was long but I sat with Rory both ways and we had a good natter setting the world to rights.

We are planning our next trip, possibly Sheffield or Leeds.

My first glider landed in the water

The second in a clearing

Not a very good shot of the Victory at Sea game

Club members taking part in the Mutineer Miniatures game

Same game from the other side

Closer look at some of the figures

Jack the Ripper ready to start his dastardly deeds 

The unsuspecting streets of London

Holmes and Watson about to try to protect the citizens 

Another one of the attractions (yes I mean the canteen)

All in all a 'Grand Day Out'.  Thanks to the York club for putting on such a good show.

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