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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hammerin Iron

Last Monday I was able to join a game organised by John (who is good at these things) at short notice.  Ships provided by Allan.

The gallant Confederate navy was attempting to steam past a heavily defended Union fort and attack a depot and 4 merchantmen at anchor.  It was anticipated that enemy naval forces would attempt to intervene.

At set up the Union fort was near the Confederate starting point.  This was to have a significant impact on the game as we decided to steam away from that side of the river and concentrate on the merchantmen.

As the game unfolded we ended up in very restricted part of the river near the port and took a frightful battering.  Despite sinking one Yankee almost all our fleet was either sunk or struck  and we only managed to damage one merchantman.

In the terms of the rules the result was a Confederate Slaughter!

In retrospect we should have sampling steamed past the fort and taken whatever damage it might have inflicted.  One ship was very severely damaged by it anyway.  This would have enabled us to threaten the depot and attack union ships from both sides.

Good learning for the next game


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  1. Not a Naval game fan, but the game did look, and sounds like it was fun.