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Friday, 28 December 2012

Master plan for 2013

1 – Gaming in general

No specific target for the number of games.  I would like to try to get around more though so I will look to game somewhere new an average of once a month.  I already have a couple of new venues lined up – the York show in February and the Viking wargames day at the National Museum of Scotland in March.

2 – Projects

Tournaments – 3 or 4 25mm Impetus competitions plus a trial Warmachine one.  I need to get the Warmachine models painted.

Dux Britanniarum campaign – being run by fellow SOA member Richard.  I may try to get some figures painted.

Peloponnesian Wars – 25mm and micro naval – some more battles fought

Henry VIII’s invasion of France in 1513 and Scottish Renaissance battles – at least one battle and some figures painted.  I cheat a bit by using the same figures for both.
RN Carrier Ops – Mers el Kebir linked scenarios played and the article I have in draft for the Society of 20th Century Wargamers on this subject written and submitted

SF – 28mm – paint the few Pig Iron figures that I have and get a game of some sort with them

Paraguayan War – get figures sorted and a game or two played. Research some historical games and expand the armies as needed with a view to bigger games late 2013 or in 2014.  Investigate the naval side of the war for possible games.

Cold War British Colonial - Paint up my Commando Miniatures figures and find some opposition for them.  Possibly 2014 before I can get a game in.

Warhammer Fantasy- Get some games in and bulk out the Chaos army a bit

Purple Heart Valley – get some games in. 

Others – games of, in no particular order - Piquet, Force on Force, Hail Caesar, WRG 6th , 15mm WSS, 28mm RCW, Dux Bellorum, Check Your 6 and Bag the Hun. 

Something new – perhaps Augustus to Aurelian or Comitatus

3 – Blog

A few more posts, but basically keep it going for another year

4 – Clubs

Falkirk District Wargames Club - I have been a member for over ten years now and have beem on the committee for a while.  2012 was an excellent year and I hope to continue to help the club and our show ‘Carronade’ continue to grow in 2013.  I am particularly keen on expanding our once a month Sunday gaming days to have more organised events which reach out to a wider audience than just our club members.

Washington Wargames Club – Last year was the first year I did not manage a game down in Washington since I joined the club back in 1978.  I am determined to get down at least once and hopefully two or three times in 2013.

Other Clubs – I hope to revisit Stirling Wargames and the Dumbarton club.  It would be good to get along to another club or two as a visitor

Societies – I am a member of The Society of Ancients, The Society of 20th Century Wargamers and the Naval Wargames Society.  I will continue to support them in 2013 and it would be good to get a little more involved in some way, even if that just means writing an article for their excellent magazines. 

So that is the plan for 2013.  Not having had a game since the 10th December, with the next one not due until 7th January, I am champing at the bit to get started again.

Good gaming in 2013!

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  1. Good luck with your endeavours. Good to see someone so committed and enthusiastic (sp?) about our hobby.

    I attend Carronade regularly and it is a crerdit to the hard work you and committee put in to its growing success.

    Have a Good new Yeat and happy gaming