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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Master plan for 2012 – How did I do?

1 – Get more gaming done

I will have had about 60 wargames in 2011 which is not bad and my aim for 2012 is to get up to 70.  Although the majority will be at the Falkirk club in Grangemouth I hope to get a few more games in some different/new locations/opponents as well.  I have played wargames in 9 places in 2011 and the aim is 16 in 2012
         60 again so no improvement but still not a bad years wargaming – only in 6 places though

2 – Get more painting done

600 figures/models table ready in 2012.  Now that is a bit of a stretch
            148 – pretty pathetic really

3 – Progress my current projects

Impetus Tournaments – I have enjoyed the 2 competitions I took part in 2011 – the target is 4 in 2012 plus a few one off games at the club
             Yes – played in 4 tournaments and enjoyed them all.  Even Smoggycon where I achieved  a perfect (or should that be imperfect) score of zero

Peloponnesian Wars – 25mm and micro naval – some more battles fought

             I managed Cimolia I and II but no naval games as yet

Henry VIII’s invasion of France in 1513 – in 28mm – more figures painted and at least one battle

             No Progress
Scottish Renaissance battles (pre Civil War) in 25/28mm – probably just painting but a battle would be good

            No progress

RN Carrier Ops – in 1/300 – need to get some more planes painted and find some rules – at least one game as well

Planes well on their way to being painted (thanks Doug) and both Bag the Hun and Check Your 6 seem good possibilities for rules

SF – 28mm - need to buy and paint and come up with a setting – looking to use Tomorrows War to begin with and hopefully a couple of games at least

            No progress

Post WWI Baltic states / RCW – 28mm – not so much my project but I want to get my figures onto the table

            Played a game

4 – Start a new project

It would be a boring year without a completely new project

             Paraguayan War figures purchased for use in 2013

Got some 28mm 1960’s British figures for either Borneo or perhaps a  fictional Belize campaign

 5 – Play a good variety of other games

Lots of different periods and rules.  I am hoping to have my first ever Piquet game, shoot down some more US bombers with Purple Heart Valley, play Force on Force, plus the odd game of FOG and Hail Ceaser.  Also a game of WRG 6th – I have played them every year since they came out in 1980 and I would hate to break the sequence now!  Perhaps a Napoleonic game as well.  A 15mm WSS game would be good.  Oh and at least a couple of games of WHFB.

            Played 22 different systems including almost all the above which is excellent

6 – Tidy the attic

That’s where all my wargames stuff is – it needs a good sort – another target that is a bit of a stretch
            I am not very good at these stretch targets am I ?
7 - Start a blog
To record my games and progress on everything else

            It has been a bit patchy from time to time but enjoyable none the less.

8 – Review this list in December 2012

And be very pleased with how much I’ve got done
            Real life did get in the way a bit so not a bad result

 Or complain how real life has got in the way as usual!

9 – Stay married and keep my job

         Yes Thank God

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  1. Looks like you've kept most of your goals! 60 games though? Good grief, I think I had around 15 if that!