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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Quick update

I have been really busy at work so this is my first post for a while.

The one thing I have been able to keep up reasonably well is my gaming so 4 to briefly tell you about.

I have started a Dux Britanniarium campaign!  My raiding Saxons did not do so well though.  The scenario was an attempt to plunder a small village.  Having got there well before the defenders and almost immediately found the first bit of plunder 15 rolls failed to produce a 6 and I had to debunk  before finding the second piece.

Next up was Purple Heart Valley.  Four of us with four fighters each attacked a large formation of American bombers of which six went down, just none to my guns.

Last week I had my first game of Check Your 6! Jet Age,  I took a pair of Pakistani MiG 19s against Indian MiG 21s.  We zoomed around the sky getting the odd shot in  but neither doing substantial damage to the other.  Great fun though and yet another set of rules goes on my must buy list.

Last night Dux Bellorum was out again.  Stewart and Ken wanted to give it a go again so I brought out Late Roman and  Early Welsh armies.  They seemed to enjoy it but another early finish.

No joy on my September targets so I am not going to try targets again in October.  Work is likely to remain manic for another few weeks so wargaming will have to take a bit of a back seat.  I will try to do a few quick posts if I can


  1. How did the Dux Bellorum game go? I've got the rules but have not played yet.

  2. The game went much the same as the others - interesting mechanisms, takes about an hour to play.
    Perhaps we need to be a bit more cunning in the way we play our games as I still feel a bit underwhelmed by the experience so far