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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Effect of changing template?

I signed up on the classic template but have been forcibly moved onto the new one.  It is no big deal but there does seem to have been a side effect on my page view count

The total page views have gone down a bit recently, but as I have not been posting as frequently or cross posting to the likes of TMP this is not unreasonable.  However the page view count by topic has gone through the floor - my last one on projects that might never be done has only 2.  I have had 2 comments so that would mean that noone else has looked at it at all which seems most unlikely.

Anyone else have this problem and/or know a solution?


  1. I haven't noticed anything yet, but will keep an eye on blogger

  2. Yeah I've noticed a drop in activity. Certainly been a drop in page views overall for the last couple of months and other blogs seem to be a bit quiet on the comments front too.

  3. I don't like the fact that when you click a bloggers avatar your not given a link to his blog, it normally takes you to their Google site. That really gets on my nerves.

  4. Three comments so far but no page views of this topic!

  5. I'll be honest I don't pay attention to them, my blog doesn't get any views mind you. It's new and mainly for my own musings and benefit.

    But hey another comment and will it add to the page views for you?