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Thursday, 13 September 2012

My first Game of Washington’s Army

Something different on Monday night.  I had expected to be playing Purple Heart Valley but we were not quorate so instead I was instead able to take over command of an American Brigade for this AWI game.
We were playing the Battle of Camden, one of the nine scenarios included with the rules.  The aim was for the superior British forces to get across the field as quickly as possible.
This was the first time that I had played rules by Peter Pig and although some of the mechanisms were a little clunky (rolls to hit, saving rolls and then rerolls) they captured the flavour of the period quite nicely.  The British were much better trained but the Americans more numerous.    The chance element is reasonably high which I always like as it allows me to claim superior generalship for my victories and blame bad dice rolls when I lose. 
The British attacked with flair but the Americans managed to get off a few volleys and slow them down a bit.  Once it came to hand combat the Americans quickly gave ground.  Having done some damage to the British regulars, which was their objective, the Americans could claim a political victory, although harsh military reality would have indicated a British win.
It was also good to get a game with a couple of the newer club members John and Kev.  New to the club that is very experienced wargamers in fact.  The fourth player was my old mate Marco who managed to rout my one unit of veterans by the judicious throw of a double six.
I blame the dice myself……

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