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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Do monthly targets work ?

Inspired by 'Wargaming Girl' I set myself some targets for August - how did I do and did setting targets help?

Gaming - target 6 games - actual 6 games

By taking part in the Impetus competition last week I was able to get up to 6 games.  I was only a reserve for the competition - the target may have helped me a little to turn that into attending

Blogging - entries to cover all games played plus 4 more - achieved.  This was where the targets helped most as there were a couple of times when I really did not feel much like blogging but did so and was glad I had.  Also there were a record number of page views - over 1700 - with Dux Britanniarum First Impressions and my report on Claymore being particularly popular

Painting - target 2 squads of 7 men each - achieved nothing at all - I think I undercoated one SF trooper.  The target did not help at all, but I have struggled all year to do any painting.

2 out of 3 ain't bad so I will give it a go again for September

Games - 6 again

Blogging - all games plus 5 others including my trip to Paris (if I can get my photos downloaded which has been a pain)

Painting - 30 figures finished and magnetised - some of these won't need a lot of work.  I will try to progress the figures that I targeted in August

Overall pledge - I will keep setting targets as long as I can hit 2 out of 3 as I did in August


  1. Well, you did much better than me on achieving your targets! :)

    1. Thanks, although I think mine were a little more modest

  2. Targets can help, but if you don't achieve them they can make you feel worse. Your targets do need to be SMART and after all this is all meant to be fun so there's no real point in dragging yourself through the coals for not doing something, but it can be difficult when you see all that lead staring at you ;-)

  3. I agree. I had a Stakhanovite burst of painting early in the summer to complete my 10 mm 1866 Austro-Hungarians and Italians and now I am hard pressed to stir myself even to finish the US Fleet--which should be a walkover given the small scale and easy painting. Perhaps a target for September will help here: complete the Great White Fleet.