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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Khador v Khador

Better  Kramer v Kramer I guess.

I had my first game of Warmachine against Rory on Monday.  We both used the same army, but only one model was the same on both sides so there was a nice variation between the two forces with Rory having more unarmoured troops and firepower but my guys being more heavily armoured.

Thanks to Rory for taking me through the basics.  I will need a few more games to get my head fully round the rules.  Although the basics seem reasonably straightforward there is a lot of variation between the troop types.  Using each element of the force in combination to maximise effectiveness is all important.  A game that is easy to learn but difficult to master ticks lots of boxes for me.  The game was certainly enjoyable and left me wanting to play again soon.

Neither of us have progressed beyond black undercoat as yet so not many piccies - I did have one of my warjacks but it is too fuzzy to share.

My squad of man o war

Rory's army with Pike nearest, warjacks in the centre and snipers beyond.

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