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Sunday, 1 January 2017

How went 2016??

Highlights included 4 trips to Glasgow Phoenix playing DBA and HOTT

2 new shows - Prestonpans and at the Rheged centre in the Lake District

Carronade went very well.  I ran Antonine's Folly as a DBA comp for the first time and also 100 Years of War.

The target of 100 games was achieved.  Thanks to all my opponents

DBA 3.0 35
Hordes of the Things 7
Mordhiem 6
Lion Rampant 5
Saga 5
Wings of War 4
Chain of Command 3
Dragon Rampant 3
War of the Ring 3
Blood Eagle 2
Custers Last Stand 2
Frostgrave 2
Otherworld 2
Star Wars Attack Wing 2
Algernon Gets it Off 2nd ed 1
Beyond the Gates of Antares 1
Blood & Faith 1
Bolt Action 1
Check your 6 Jet Age 1
Firefly 1
Force on Force 1
Hail Caesar 1
Hammerin Iron 1
If the Lord Spares Us 1
Irregular Wars:Conflict at the World's End 1
Piquet Field of Battle 1
Rapid Fire 1
Regimental Fire & Fury 1
Renaissance Warfare 1
Songs of Blades and Heroes 1
Team Yankee 1
Warmachine Prime III 1
Warpack 1


  1. Yes, well done, but can you post a photograph yet?

  2. Yep photos should be OK now- I just have to take some pictures

  3. I find taking photographs at a show a bit of a challenge these days.

    Taking photos in my hut at home is much easier.

  4. 100 games that's some going, have a great 2017!

  5. Well done! That's a fair whack of games :) Hope you manage even more in 2017!

    1. I think 2016 may be a high point - but lets see how things go in 2017

  6. Playing one hundred games in one year is remarkable!

    1. I always manage at least 60 and have got into the 80's before