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Monday, 14 April 2014

Internet dating for wargamers or ‘The Blind Date’

This post was prompted by the shock on the face of a (female) work colleague when I told her of this practice.

Now the thing I like best about wargaming actually wargaming.  I don’t travel that much with work but when I do I use the power of the internet to try and find a local wargamer or club to get a game or two in.  This has resulted in a number of games in Switzerland (against 2 opponents) others in London and Grimsby and, this week, a couple of games in Portugal.

My dating sites of choice are TMP and LAF.  Between them they cover a fairly high proportion of regular forum using wargamers and also most of the planet.

Sarah was appalled that I had never met Pedro before and had no idea where he lived yet I was jumping in his car and going off with him!  Everything that one should not do on a blind date.  She actually seemed quite worried for me.  In fact I had a whale of a time, playing two good games of Force on Force set in a Portugese colony in Africa in the 60’s.  We also had a great chat and I enjoyed meeting his family and partaking of their excellent hospitality.

So next time you are stray from home and have some time on your hands try a blind date via an internet forum - you never know you may get lucky!


  1. Hmmm I can see her point about strangers picking you up and driving you off. Having said that there is an inherent amount of trust within the hobby and this is often seen in negative when something goes missing at a show and the immediate reaction of the hobby to find the offender.
    Next time you come to Grimsby though it might be an idea to leave your contact details with someone at home. You never know............

  2. Hello David,

    I also had my doubts about doing this, but luckily everything went well! and it was an excellent afternoon

    See you next time!