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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Impressions of Albanich

On Saturday I went down to the Dumfries show with several other members of the Falkirk Club.  We put on an ‘Algernon Pulls a Fast One’  WW1 air participation game.  It attracted a couple of punters and the young son of one of our members enjoyed playing a couple of games as well.  The attraction of this sort of PP game is that it is great fun for the organisers to play even if no one else wants to take part.

The show itself had 22 traders and 7 games.  It is a small show in terms of number of visitors but seems to have established itself as a regular on the Scottish wargames calander.  Well worth the 2 hour each way drive – I certainly had a very relaxing day of it.   Think they may have overstretched themselves with the number of traders though – with a relatively low turn out a number cannot have had a very profitable day.

The next show in Scotland is Carronade on Saturday 10th of May.  Preparation is well advanced with over 40 traders booked and a similar number of games expected.


  1. Any piccies? I'd love to see some having never made the Dumfries show.



    I am having problems uploading pictures to blogger - the link above has a few good ones

    1. That would be Bill's blog from SESWC then?