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Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 – What a Wargaming Year

What a fantastic year of gaming I have had.  84 miniatures games and 5 board games – by far and away the busiest year for a very very long time.

This has included playing games at 17 different places – although obviously most at the Falkirk club I  also visited Washington, Dunbarton and Grimsby and played a round of the Scottish Impetus circuit at the Dunfirmline club

Games played at shows were at Vapnartak, Salute, Claymore and Targe

This year we got involved in putting games on for the public at the National Museum of Scotland, National Museum of Flight, Kinneal estate (Falkirk’s Big Roman Week) and the Culloden Visitor Centre.

Last but not least were games with Richard in Scone, Tim in Mid Calder, a game at Frank’s shop (Worlds at War) in Craighalls and even some games at home with a couple of visits from Brian.

The games at the Falkirk club included three Sunday games sessions, two of which were Impetus competitions and the third a joint event with the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers. We of course also hosted the Carronade show which continues to go from strength to strength.

The 84 miniature games were spread over 30 different rule sets and all the board games were different. 

I have had an absolute blast gaming in 2013.

All this activity has been at the expense of longer term projects and painting.  However both the Mordhiem and Longstreet campaigns have been excellent and I have also enjoyed taking part in 3  Dux Britanniarum campaigns as well.

The blog has gone pretty well, the only downside being that it can gobble up more time than I would really like it to.

I will post up my plans for 2014 in a few days time but 2013 will be a very hard year to beat!


  1. That does sound like a good year! Well done.

  2. Glad we at the Grimsby club made a small contribution to your good year. May 2014 be as good

  3. I think sometimes the preparation side of the hobby and internet browsing can rob us of a fair chunk of gaming time, this year I have made a deliberate effort to game more and it has been to the good, I seem to be gaming as much as I did in my younger days when there just seemed to be more time available.